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Articulation Credits

You’ve done the work. You ought to get credit for it.

At Baker College, we recognize that students put a lot of effort into their college education…sometimes even before they get here. If you’ve spent time and effort earning college credits from either a high school or an adult education institution, you might be able to use those credits towards your certification or degree here at Baker. Students who participate in the Baker College articulation program save hundreds of tuition dollars and may lessen the time required to complete their college education.

How do I know if I’m eligible?

To participate in the articulation program, you must be a student or graduate of a high school, career technical center, or other training program from one of our Participating Schools. In addition, check to see if the course you’ve taken is found on the list of eligible courses. You can also download and review an Articulation Competency Record for each course. The majority of these courses are available at all of the Baker College campuses, although program-specific courses may be limited to select campuses. Check the Baker College online catalog to determine where your programs are offered.

How do I get started?

To find out more about articulation credits and how Baker College can help you make the most of your efforts, see:

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