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Bachelor of Interpreter Training

Interpreter Training

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This program prepares graduates for employment as Sign Language Interpreters, who facilitate communication between deaf and hard of hearing individuals, and the hearing population. Graduates will be able to communicate effectively in American Sign Language (ASL) and other forms of sign communication. Completion of the bachelors program will provide graduates with advanced skills, and higher levels of state and national credentials.

Explore Your Career!
Interpreter Training Explore Your Career!

Career Facts

  • The average annual salary for full-time Interpreters and Translators is $41,700.
  • Employment of Interpreters and Translators is projected to increase 24 percent by 2016, which is much faster than average.
  • Experience is an essential part of a successful career in Interpreting.
    New entrants to these careers should focus on getting more experience, even if it means doing informal or unpaid work.
    It may also be easier to start out in a high-demand area, such as court or medical interpretation.
  • About 22 percent of Interpreters and Translators are self-employed.
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