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Associate of Applied Science

Paraprofessional: Early Elementary

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We have a lot of teachers that are actually working in the classroom…. So a lot of their stories, experiences, and the training they give you, it’s actually real-life… something you can use when you go to your own job.
Lora Randolph Baker graduate

Associate of Applied Science Degree

As an Early Elementary Paraprofessional, you help children learn and develop in a variety of ways.

This program:

  • Emphasizes the development of reading, writing, and mathematics skills.
  • Provides an option for Title I paraprofessionals and those wanting to become paraprofessionals who must meet the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.

Paraprofessionals who earn this degree can be translators, be involved with parents’ activities, help with classroom management, assist in computer labs, and tutor students one-on one-during seatwork time.

This program is part of the Baker College Smart Degree Option.

Career Facts

  • The average annual wage for Elementary Teachers is about $50,000.
  • Employment is expected to grow by 12 percent through 2016, about as fast as average. The pool of teachers is large, so job prospects are excellent.
  • In some schools, two or more teachers work as a team and are jointly responsible for a group of students.
  • Or a teacher may teach one subject to several classes.
  • A small but growing number of teachers instruct multi-level classrooms, with students at several different learning levels.
  • Teachers may move into other positions within the school, such as librarian, reading specialist, instructional coordinator, counselor, administrator, or mentor teacher.
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