Future Students

Student Support Services

At Baker College, we provide free resources to help you succeed.

Baker College isn’t like other colleges and universities. As a career college, our number one focus is helping you receive the training and education you need for employment. Everything we do is designed to help you launch your career. Our student support services will give you the assistance and encouragement to succeed.

Getting Started

The Admissions Department at Baker College is the first stop for every new student (or even those just thinking about becoming a student). One of our admissions advisors will be your personal guide answering all your questions and helping you find your way. Your admissions advisor can provide a free career assessment if you need help choosing a career program. You’ll also receive free financial guidance from your advisor so you know just what forms to fill out and when, and which grants and scholarships you qualify for. Finally, your admissions advisor will give you a tour of the campus and personally introduce you to the faculty and staff.

Free Student Services

Your success is our success. That’s why we go above and beyond to provide our students with the academic and technology resources that will help them prepare for the future. As a Baker College student, the following resources are always available to you and are always free.

  • Tutoring

  • Study Skills Assistance
  • Library & Writing Center
  • Online Research & Library Resources

  • Computer Labs

  • Wireless Internet

  • Parking

  • Baker College Shuttle

  • Campus Safety 24/7

  • Lifetime Employment Assistance

Career Services

We’re happy when any student completes his or her program or earns a degree. But what we celebrate most is when our students and graduates find employment. The Career Services Department at Baker College helps to unite our alumni with employers. Baker graduates receive Lifetime Employment Assistance to help ensure a long, successful career.

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