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This program is designed for those who desire to own, operate, or manage a small business. This program focuses on establishing, financing, marketing, and managing a small business.

In this program, you will learn:

  • The skills essential to successfully operate a small business.
  • How to establish and finance a small business.
  • How to market and manage the business once it’s up and running.

Accreditation/Approval/Certification Status

External peer review is the primary means of assuring and improving the quality of higher education institutions and programs in the United States. This recognition is accomplished through program accreditation, approval or certification.

The Small Business Management /Entrepreneurship Program is accredited through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education.

This program is part of the Baker College Smart Degree Option.

Explore Your Career!
Entrepreneurship Explore Your Career!

Career Facts

  • Entrepreneurs are usually self-employed and may not receive an income until the business shows a profit.
  • Entrepreneurs perform many different roles in order to transform ideas and discoveries into viable businesses.
  • Starting up a business requires problem-solving and decision-making abilities, good organizational skills, leadership development, and interpersonal skills.
  • The U. S. Small Business Administration reports that America’s small businesses employ more than 50 percent of the private workforce, generate more than half of the nation’s gross domestic product, and are the principal source of new jobs in the U.S. economy.
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